Amazon ECS
User Guide for AWS Fargate (API Version 2014-11-13)

AWS Fargate Platform Versions

AWS Fargate platform versions are used to refer to a specific runtime environment for Fargate task infrastructure. It is a combination of the kernel and container runtime versions.

New platform versions are released as the runtime environment evolves, for example, if there are kernel or operating system updates, new features, bug fixes, or security updates. Security updates and patches are deployed automatically for your Fargate tasks. If a security issue is found that affects a platform version, AWS patches the platform version. In some cases, you may be notified that your Fargate tasks have been scheduled for retirement. For more information, see Task Retirement.

Platform Version Considerations

The following should be considered when specifying a platform version:

  • When specifying a platform version, you can use either the version number (for example, 1.2.0) or LATEST.

  • To use a specific platform version, specify the version number when creating or updating your service. If you specify LATEST, your tasks use the most current platform version available, which may not be the most recent platform version.

  • If you have a service with running tasks and want to update their platform version, you can update your service, specify a new platform version, and choose Force new deployment. Your tasks are redeployed with the latest platform version. For more information, see Updating a Service.

  • If your service is scaled up without updating the platform version, those tasks receive the platform version that was specified on the service's current deployment.

Available AWS Fargate Platform Versions

The following is a list of the platform versions currently available:

Fargate Platform Version‐1.3.0
  • Added support for using AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store parameters to inject sensitive data into your containers.

    For more information, see Specifying Sensitive Data.

  • Added task recycling for Fargate tasks, which is the process of refreshing tasks that are a part of an Amazon ECS service.

    For more information, see Fargate Task Recycling.

Fargate Platform Version‐1.2.0
Fargate Platform Version‐1.1.0
  • Added support for the Amazon ECS task metadata endpoint. For more information, see Amazon ECS Task Metadata Endpoint.

  • Added support for Docker health checks in container definitions. For more information, see Health Check.

  • Added support for Amazon ECS service discovery. For more information, see Service Discovery.

Fargate Platform Version‐1.0.0
  • Based on Amazon Linux 2017.09.

  • Initial release.