Amazon ElastiCache
User Guide (API Version 2015-02-02)

Viewing a Cluster's Details (AWS CLI)

You can view the details for a cluster using the AWS CLI describe-cache-clusters command. If the --cache-cluster-id parameter is omitted, details for multiple clusters, up to --max-items, are returned. If the --cache-cluster-id parameter is included, details for the specified cluster are returned. You can limit the number of records returned with the --max-items parameter.

The following code lists the details for myCluster.

aws elasticache describe-cache-clusters --cache-cluster-id myCluster

The following code list the details for up to 25 clusters.

aws elasticache describe-cache-clusters --max-items 25

Use the command describe-cache-cluster to display a list of nodes for a cluster, as in the following example, and note the identifiers of the nodes you want to remove.

For Linux, macOS, or Unix:

aws elasticache describe-cache-clusters \ --cache-cluster-id my-memcached-cluster \ --show-cache-node-info

For Windows:

aws elasticache describe-cache-clusters ^ --cache-cluster-id my-memcached-cluster ^ --show-cache-node-info

This operation produces output similar to the following (JSON format):

{ "CacheClusters": [ { "Engine": "memcached", "CacheNodes": [ { "CacheNodeId": "0001", "Endpoint": { "Port": 11211, "Address": "" }, "CacheNodeStatus": "available", "ParameterGroupStatus": "in-sync", "CacheNodeCreateTime": "2016-09-21T16:28:28.973Z", "CustomerAvailabilityZone": "us-west-2b" }, { "CacheNodeId": "0002", "Endpoint": { "Port": 11211, "Address": "" }, "CacheNodeStatus": "available", "ParameterGroupStatus": "in-sync", "CacheNodeCreateTime": "2016-09-21T16:28:28.973Z", "CustomerAvailabilityZone": "us-west-2b" }, { "CacheNodeId": "0003", "Endpoint": { "Port": 11211, "Address": "" }, "CacheNodeStatus": "available", "ParameterGroupStatus": "in-sync", "CacheNodeCreateTime": "2016-09-21T16:28:28.973Z", "CustomerAvailabilityZone": "us-west-2b" } ], "CacheParameterGroup": { "CacheNodeIdsToReboot": [], "CacheParameterGroupName": "default.memcached1.4", "ParameterApplyStatus": "in-sync" }, "CacheClusterId": "my-memcached-cluster", "PreferredAvailabilityZone": "us-west-2b", "ConfigurationEndpoint": { "Port": 11211, "Address": "" }, "CacheSecurityGroups": [], "CacheClusterCreateTime": "2016-09-21T16:28:28.973Z", "AutoMinorVersionUpgrade": true, "CacheClusterStatus": "available", "NumCacheNodes": 3, "ClientDownloadLandingPage": "", "SecurityGroups": [ { "Status": "active", "SecurityGroupId": "sg-dbe93fa2" } ], "CacheSubnetGroupName": "default", "EngineVersion": "1.4.24", "PendingModifiedValues": {}, "PreferredMaintenanceWindow": "sat:09:00-sat:10:00", "CacheNodeType": "cache.m3.medium" } ] }

For more information, go to the AWS CLI for ElastiCache topic describe-cache-clusters.