Using the ElastiCache Cluster Client for Java - Amazon ElastiCache

Using the ElastiCache Cluster Client for Java

The program below demonstrates how to use the ElastiCache Cluster Client to connect to a cluster configuration endpoint and add a data item to the cache. Using Auto Discovery, the program connects to all of the nodes in the cluster without any further intervention.

package; import; import; // Import the &AWS;-provided library with Auto Discovery support import net.spy.memcached.MemcachedClient; public class AutoDiscoveryDemo { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { String configEndpoint = ""; Integer clusterPort = 11211; MemcachedClient client = new MemcachedClient( new InetSocketAddress(configEndpoint, clusterPort)); // The client will connect to the other cache nodes automatically. // Store a data item for an hour. // The client will decide which cache host will store this item. client.set("theKey", 3600, "This is the data value"); } }