Step 1: Create a cluster - Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Step 1: Create a cluster

The cluster you create will be live, and not running in a sandbox. You will incur the standard ElastiCache usage fees for the instance until you delete it. The total charges will be minimal (typically less than a dollar) if you complete the exercise described here in one sitting and delete your cluster when you are finished. For more information about ElastiCache usage rates, see Amazon ElastiCache.


Your cluster is launched in a virtual private cloud (VPC) based on the Amazon VPC service. Before you create your cluster, make sure that you create a subnet group. For more information, see Creating a subnet group.

To work with cluster mode disabled, see the following topics:

To work with cluster mode enabled, see the following topics:

You can also use AWS CloudFormation. For more information, see AWS::ElastiCache::CacheCluster.