Step 3: (Optional) Clean up - Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Step 3: (Optional) Clean up

If you no longer need the Amazon ElastiCache cache that you created, you can delete it. This step helps ensure that you are not charged for resources that you are not using. You can use the ElastiCache console, the AWS CLI, or the ElastiCache API to delete your cache.

AWS Management Console

To delete your cache using the console:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon ElastiCache console at

  2. In the navigation pane on the left side of the console, choose Redis Caches.

  3. Choose the radio button next to the cache you want to delete.

  4. Select Actions on the top right, and select Delete.

  5. You can optionally choose to take a final snapshot before you delete your cache.

  6. In the Delete confirmation screen, re-enter the cache name and choose Delete to delete the cluster, or choose Cancel to keep the cluster.

As soon as your cache moves in to the DELETING status, you stop incurring charges for it.


The following AWS CLI example deletes a cache using the delete-serverless-cache command.


aws elasticache delete-serverless-cache \ --serverless-cache-name CacheName


aws elasticache delete-serverless-cache ^ --serverless-cache-name CacheName

Note that the value of the Status field is set to DELETING.

You may now proceed to Next Steps.