Scaling ElastiCache for Redis Clusters - Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Scaling ElastiCache for Redis Clusters

The amount of data your application needs to process is seldom static. It increases and decreases as your business grows or experiences normal fluctuations in demand. If you self-manage your cache, you need to provision sufficient hardware for your demand peaks, which can be expensive. By using Amazon ElastiCache you can scale to meet current demand, paying only for what you use. ElastiCache enables you to scale your cache to match demand.

The following helps you find the correct topic for the scaling actions that you want to perform.

Scaling Redis Clusters
Action Redis (cluster mode disabled) Redis (cluster mode enabled)

Scaling in

Removing Nodes from a Cluster

Scaling Clusters in Redis (Cluster Mode Enabled)

Changing node types

Online Vertical Scaling by Modifying Node Type

Changing the number of node groups

Not supported for Redis (cluster mode disabled) clusters

Scaling Clusters in Redis (Cluster Mode Enabled)


You cannot automatically migrate Intel-based clusters to ARM-based clusters while preserving cluster state.