Amazon Relational Database Service
API Reference (API Version 2014-10-31)


Lists all tags on an Amazon RDS resource.

For an overview on tagging an Amazon RDS resource, see Tagging Amazon RDS Resources.

Request Parameters

For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters.


This parameter is not currently supported.

Type: Array of Filter objects

Required: No


The Amazon RDS resource with tags to be listed. This value is an Amazon Resource Name (ARN). For information about creating an ARN, see Constructing an RDS Amazon Resource Name (ARN).

Type: String

Required: Yes

Response Elements

The following element is returned by the service.


List of tags returned by the ListTagsForResource operation.

Type: Array of Tag objects


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


DBClusterIdentifier does not refer to an existing DB cluster.

HTTP Status Code: 404


DBInstanceIdentifier does not refer to an existing DB instance.

HTTP Status Code: 404


DBSnapshotIdentifier does not refer to an existing DB snapshot.

HTTP Status Code: 404


Sample Request ?Action=ListTagsForResource &ResourceName=arn%3Aaws%3Ards%3Aus-west-2%3A12345678910%3Adb%3Asample-sql &SignatureMethod=HmacSHA256 &SignatureVersion=4 &Version=2014-10-31 &X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 &X-Amz-Credential=AKIADQKE4SARGYLE/20160304/us-west-2/rds/aws4_request &X-Amz-Date=20160304T205529Z &X-Amz-SignedHeaders=content-type;host;user-agent;x-amz-content-sha256;x-amz-date &X-Amz-Signature=ad333e422a92110b6340a28a684f0ed78606cc48b29b25682df0173e04b93b85

Sample Response

<ListTagsForResourceResponse xmlns=""> <ListTagsForResourceResult> <TagList> <Tag> <Value>development-team</Value> <Key>owner</Key> </Tag> <Tag> <Value>test</Value> <Key>environment</Key> </Tag> </TagList> </ListTagsForResourceResult> <ResponseMetadata> <RequestId>71217a3c-e24b-11e5-a5e9-cad172f9e6c1</RequestId> </ResponseMetadata> </ListTagsForResourceResponse>

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