Aurora MySQL database engine updates: 2017-04-05 - Amazon Aurora

Aurora MySQL database engine updates: 2017-04-05

Version: 1.12

Aurora MySQL 1.12 is now the preferred version for the creation of new DB clusters, including restores from snapshots.

This is not a mandatory upgrade for existing clusters. You will have the option to upgrade existing clusters to version 1.12 after we complete the fleet-wide patch to 1.11 (see Aurora 1.11 release notes and corresponding forum announcement). With version 1.12 of Aurora, we are using a cluster patching model where all nodes in an Aurora DB cluster are patched at the same time. For more information, see Maintaining an Amazon Aurora DB cluster.

New features

  • Fast DDL – Aurora MySQL now allows you to execute an ALTER TABLE tbl_name ADD COLUMN col_name column_definition operation nearly instantaneously. The operation completes without requiring the table to be copied and without materially impacting other DML statements. Since it does not consume temporary storage for a table copy, it makes DDL statements practical even for large tables on small instance classes. Fast DDL is currently only supported for adding a nullable column, without a default value, at the end of a table. This feature is currently available in Aurora lab mode. For more information, see Altering tables in Amazon Aurora using fast DDL.

  • Show volume status – We have added a new monitoring command, SHOW VOLUME STATUS, to display the number of nodes and disks in a volume. For more information, see Displaying volume status for an Aurora MySQL DB cluster.


  • Implemented changes to lock compression to further reduce memory allocated per lock object. This improvement is available in lab mode.

  • Fixed an issue where the trx_active_transactions metric decrements rapidly even when the database is idle.

  • Fixed an invalid error message regarding fault injection query syntax when simulating failure in disks and nodes.

  • Fixed multiple issues related to race conditions and dead latches in the lock manager.

  • Fixed an issue causing a buffer overflow in the query optimizer.

  • Fixed a stability issue in Aurora read replicas when the underlying storage nodes experience low available memory.

  • Fixed an issue where idle connections persisted past the wait_timeout parameter setting.

  • Fixed an issue where query_cache_size returns an unexpected value after reboot of the instance.

  • Fixed a performance issue that is the result of a diagnostic thread probing the network too often in the event that writes are not progressing to storage.

Integration of MySQL bug fixes

  • Reloading a table that was evicted while empty caused an AUTO_INCREMENT value to be reset. (Bug #21454472, Bug #77743)

  • An index record was not found on rollback due to inconsistencies in the purge_node_t structure. The inconsistency resulted in warnings and error messages such as "error in sec index entry update", "unable to purge a record", and "tried to purge sec index entry not marked for deletion". (Bug #19138298, Bug #70214, Bug #21126772, Bug #21065746)

  • Wrong stack size calculation for qsort operation leads to stack overflow. (Bug #73979)

  • Record not found in an index upon rollback. (Bug #70214, Bug #72419)

  • ALTER TABLE add column TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP inserts ZERO-datas (Bug #17392)