Amazon Aurora
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-31)

Amazon Aurora MySQL Database Engine Updates

Amazon Aurora releases updates regularly. Updates are applied to Aurora DB clusters during system maintenance windows. The timing when updates are applied depends on the region and maintenance window setting for the DB cluster, as well as the type of update. Updates are applied to all instances in a DB cluster simultaneously. An update requires a database restart on all instances in a DB cluster, so you will experience 20 to 30 seconds of downtime, after which you can resume using your DB cluster or clusters. You can view or change your maintenance window settings from the AWS Management Console.

Amazon Aurora Versions

Although Amazon Aurora is compatible with the MySQL and PostgreSQL database engines, Aurora includes features that are specific to Amazon Aurora and only available to Aurora DB clusters. Aurora versions use the format <major version>.<minor version>.<patch version>. You can get the version of your Aurora instance by querying for the AURORA_VERSION system variable. To get the Amazon Aurora version, use one of the following queries.

Database Engine Queries




select @@aurora_version;



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