Amazon Aurora
User Guide for Aurora (API Version 2014-10-31)

Performance Insights Metrics Published to Amazon CloudWatch

Performance Insights automatically publishes metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. Each of these per second metrics represents the average over the last 60 seconds.

Amazon RDS Performance Insights Metrics

The AWS/RDS namespace includes the following metrics that apply to database entities running Amazon RDS Performance Insights.

Metric Description


The average number of active sessions for the DB engine.


The number of active sessions where the wait event type is CPU.


The number of active sessions where the wait event type is not CPU.

You can examine these metrics using the CloudWatch console, the AWS CLI, or the CloudWatch API.

For example, you can get the statistics for the DBLoad metric by running the get-metric-statistics command.

aws cloudwatch get-metric-statistics --region us-west-2 --namespace AWS/RDS --metric-name DBLoad --period 60 --statistics Sum --start-time 1532035185 --end-time 1532036185 --dimensions Name=DBInstanceIdentifier,Value=db-loadtest-0

This example generates output similar to the following.

{ "Datapoints": [ { "Timestamp": "2018-07-19T21:30:00Z", "Unit": "None", "Sum": 1380.0 }, { "Timestamp": "2018-07-19T21:34:00Z", "Unit": "None", "Sum": 1380.0 }, { "Timestamp": "2018-07-19T21:35:00Z", "Unit": "None", "Sum": 1380.0 }, { "Timestamp": "2018-07-19T21:31:00Z", "Unit": "None", "Sum": 1380.0 }, { "Timestamp": "2018-07-19T21:32:00Z", "Unit": "None", "Sum": 1380.0 }, { "Timestamp": "2018-07-19T21:29:00Z", "Unit": "None", "Sum": 8280.0 }, { "Timestamp": "2018-07-19T21:33:00Z", "Unit": "None", "Sum": 1380.0 } ], "Label": "DBLoad" }

For more information about CloudWatch, see What is Amazon CloudWatch? in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.