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Using Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 (preview)

Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 with MySQL compatibility is in preview release and is subject to change. Aurora Serverless v2 (preview) is not covered by the Amazon RDS service level agreement (SLA). Don't use Aurora Serverless v2 (preview) for production databases. All resources and data will be deleted when the preview ends.

Continuously monitoring and adjusting capacity for multiple databases so that you stay within budget can be a daunting task. You don't want to pay for more computing resources than you use. But you also can't afford to spend a lot of time reallocating resources to achieve a better price-performance ratio. For unpredictable workloads, multitenant, and distributed database environments that can have wide variances in consumption, this task is especially challenging.

By using Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 (Amazon Aurora Serverless version 2), now in preview, you can get optimal cost performance for your database clusters. Capacity is adjusted automatically based on application demand, and you're charged only for the resources that your DB clusters consume.