Babelfish limitations - Amazon Aurora

Babelfish limitations

The following limitations currently apply to Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL:

  • Babelfish currently doesn't support the following Aurora features:

    • AWS Directory Service

    • AWS Identity and Access Management

    • Database Activity Streams (DAS)

    • Kerberos

    • Query plan management (QPM)

    • Salted challenge response authentication mechanism (SCRAM)

  • Babelfish currently doesn't support the following PostgreSQL features:

    • pg_dump/pg_restore utility to move a database from one Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster to another

    • pg_stat_statement extension

  • Babelfish doesn't provide the following client driver API support:

    • API requests with the connection attributes related to Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) aren't supported. These include XA calls by the SQLServerXAResource class in the SQL server JDBC driver.

    • API requests with the connection attributes and methods related to connection pooling aren't supported. Usually,Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL performs well when the connection attributes of the connection pooling are removed.

  • The open source jTDS driver that is designed as an alternative to the Microsoft JDBC driver is not supported.

  • The deprecated SqlMembershipProvider that manages the storage of membership information (session, roles, and user profiles) isn't currently supported by Babelfish. Microsoft recommends ASP.NET Universal provider that provides a more secure default hashed password as an alternative to this API.