pgtle.install_update_path - Amazon Aurora


The install_update_path function provides an update path between two different versions of a TLE extension. This function allows users of your TLE extension to update its version by using the ALTER EXTENSION ... UPDATE syntax.

Function prototype

pgtle.install_update_path(name text, fromvers text, tovers text, ext text)




  • name – The name of the TLE extension. This value is used when calling CREATE EXTENSION.

  • fromvers – The source version of the TLE extension for the upgrade.

  • tovers – The destination version of the TLE extension for the upgrade.

  • ext – The contents of the update. This value contains objects such as functions.



Usage example

SELECT pgtle.install_update_path('pg_tle_test', '0.1', '0.2', $_pgtle_$ CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION my_test() RETURNS INT AS $$ SELECT 21; $$ LANGUAGE SQL IMMUTABLE; $_pgtle_$ );