pgtle.uninstall_extension_if_exists - Amazon Aurora


The uninstall_extension_if_exists function removes all versions of a TLE extension from a given database. If the TLE extension doesn't exist, the function returns silently (no error message is raised). If the specified extension is currently active within a database, this function doesn't drop it. You must explicitly call DROP EXTENSION to remove the TLE extension before using this function to uninstall its artifacts.

Function prototype

pgtle.uninstall_extension_if_exists(extname text)




  • extname – The name of the TLE extension. This value is used when calling CREATE EXTENSION.


The uninstall_extension_if_exists function returns true after uninstalling the specified extension. If the specified extension doesn't exist, the function returns false.

  • true – Returns true after uninstalling the TLE extension.

  • false – Returns false when the TLE extension doesn't exist in the database.

Usage example

SELECT * FROM pgtle.uninstall_extension_if_exists(pg_tle_test);