Using RDS Proxy with AWS CloudFormation - Amazon Aurora

Using RDS Proxy with AWS CloudFormation

You can use RDS Proxy with AWS CloudFormation. Doing so helps you to create groups of related resources. Such a group can include a proxy that can connect to a newly created Amazon RDS DB instance or Aurora DB cluster. RDS Proxy support in AWS CloudFormation involves two new registry types: DBProxy and DBProxyTargetGroup.

The following listing shows a sample AWS CloudFormation template for RDS Proxy.

Resources: DBProxy: Type: AWS::RDS::DBProxy Properties: DBProxyName: CanaryProxy EngineFamily: MYSQL RoleArn: Fn::ImportValue: SecretReaderRoleArn Auth: - {AuthScheme: SECRETS, SecretArn: !ImportValue ProxySecret, IAMAuth: DISABLED} VpcSubnetIds: Fn::Split: [",", "Fn::ImportValue": SubnetIds] ProxyTargetGroup: Type: AWS::RDS::DBProxyTargetGroup Properties: DBProxyName: CanaryProxy TargetGroupName: default DBInstanceIdentifiers: - Fn::ImportValue: DBInstanceName DependsOn: DBProxy

For more information about the Amazon RDS and Aurora resources that you can create using AWS CloudFormation, see RDS resource type reference.