Choosing the on-premises DB instance class - Amazon Relational Database Service on VMware

Choosing the on-premises DB instance class

The DB instance class determines the computation and memory capacity of an Amazon RDS DB instance. Determine which DB instance class most closely matches your VMware cluster. You specify the DB instance class when you create your on-premises DB instance.

On-premises DB instance class types

Amazon RDS on VMware supports three types of on-premises DB instance classes: General, Compute Optimized, and Memory Optimized.

The following are the on-premises DB instance classes available:

  • db.mv11 – Current-generation general DB instance classes that provide a balance of compute and memory resources for a variety of workloads.

  • db.cv11 – Current-generation DB instance classes optimized for compute-intensive workloads.

  • db.rv11 – Current-generation DB instance classes optimized for memory-intensive applications.

Terminology for DB instance class hardware specifications

The following terminology is used to describe hardware specifications for DB instance classes:

  • vCPU – The number of virtual central processing units (CPUs)

  • Memory (GiB) – The RAM memory, in gibibytes, allocated to the DB instance

Specifications for all available on-premises DB instance classes

The following table provides details of the on-premises Amazon RDS DB instance classes.

Instance Class vCPU Memory (GiB)
db.mv11 – Current Generation General
db.mv11.medium 1 4
db.mv11.large 2 8
db.mv11.xlarge 4 16
db.mv11.2xlarge 8 32
db.mv11.4xlarge 16 64
db.mv11.12xlarge 48 192
db.mv11.24xlarge 96 384
db.cv11 – Current Generation Compute Optimized
db.cv11.small 1 1
db.cv11.medium 1 2
db.cv11.large 2 4
db.cv11.xlarge 4 8
db.cv11.2xlarge 8 16
db.cv11.4xlarge 16 32
db.cv11.9xlarge 36 72
db.cv11.18xlarge 72 144
db.rv11 – Current Generation Memory Optimized
db.rv11.large 2 16
db.rv11.xlarge 4 32
db.rv11.2xlarge 8 64
db.rv11.4xlarge 16 128
db.rv11.12xlarge 48 384
db.rv11.24xlarge 96 768