Amazon Relational Database Service
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-31)

Additional User Interface Features

You can use other features of the Performance Insights user interface to help analyze performance data.

Click-and-Drag Zoom In

In the Performance Insights interface, you can choose a small portion of the load chart and zoom in on the detail.

				Zoom in

To zoom in on a portion of the load chart, choose the start time and drag to the end of the time period you want. When you do this, the selected area is highlighted. When you release the mouse, the load chart zooms in on the selected region, and the Top N table is recalculated.

Pause and Zoom Out

In the upper-right corner of the load chart, you can find the Pause and Zoom out tools.

				Pause and zoom out

When you choose Pause, the load chart stops autorefreshing. When you choose Pause again, the chart resumes autorefreshing.

When you choose Zoom out, the load chart zooms out to the next largest time interval.

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