Amazon Relational Database Service
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-31)


Sets the minimum number of seconds to delay replication from the master to the current Read Replica. Use this procedure when you are connected to a Read Replica to delay replication from its master.


CALL mysql.rds_set_source_delay( delay );



The minimum number of seconds to delay replication from the master.

The limit for this parameter is one day (86400 seconds).

Usage Notes

The master user must run the mysql.rds_set_source_delay procedure.

For disaster recovery, you can use this procedure with the mysql.rds_start_replication_until stored procedure or the mysql.rds_start_replication_until_gtid stored procedure. To roll forward changes to a delayed Read Replica to the time just before a disaster, you can run the mysql.rds_set_source_delay procedure. After the mysql.rds_start_replication_until or mysql.rds_start_replication_until_gtid procedure stops replication, you can promote the Read Replica to be the new master DB instance by using the instructions in Promoting a Read Replica to Be a Standalone DB Instance.

To use the mysql.rds_rds_start_replication_until_gtid procedure, GTID-based replication must be enabled. To skip a specific GTID-based transaction that is known to cause disaster, you can use the mysql.rds_skip_transaction_with_gtid stored procedure. For more information on GTID-based replication, see Using GTID-Based Replication for Amazon RDS MySQL.

The mysql.rds_set_source_delay procedure is available in these versions of Amazon RDS MySQL:

  • MySQL 5.6.40 and later 5.6 versions

  • MySQL 5.7.22 and later 5.7 versions


To delay replication from the master to the current Read Replica for at least one hour (3,600 seconds), you can call mysql.rds_set_source_delay with the following parameter:

CALL mysql.rds_set_source_delay(3600);