ListStorageLensGroups - Amazon Simple Storage Service


Lists all the Storage Lens groups in the specified home Region.

To use this operation, you must have the permission to perform the s3:ListStorageLensGroups action. For more information about the required Storage Lens Groups permissions, see Setting account permissions to use S3 Storage Lens groups.

For information about Storage Lens groups errors, see List of Amazon S3 Storage Lens error codes.

Request Syntax

GET /v20180820/storagelensgroup?nextToken=NextToken HTTP/1.1 Host: x-amz-account-id: AccountId

URI Request Parameters

The request uses the following URI parameters.


The token for the next set of results, or null if there are no more results.


The AWS account ID that owns the Storage Lens groups.

Length Constraints: Maximum length of 64.

Pattern: ^\d{12}$

Required: Yes

Request Body

The request does not have a request body.

Response Syntax

HTTP/1.1 200 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ListStorageLensGroupsResult> <NextToken>string</NextToken> <StorageLensGroupList> <HomeRegion>string</HomeRegion> <Name>string</Name> <StorageLensGroupArn>string</StorageLensGroupArn> </StorageLensGroupList> ... </ListStorageLensGroupsResult>

Response Elements

If the action is successful, the service sends back an HTTP 200 response.

The following data is returned in XML format by the service.


Root level tag for the ListStorageLensGroupsResult parameters.

Required: Yes


If NextToken is returned, there are more Storage Lens groups results available. The value of NextToken is a unique pagination token for each page. Make the call again using the returned token to retrieve the next page. Keep all other arguments unchanged. Each pagination token expires after 24 hours.

Type: String


The list of Storage Lens groups that exist in the specified home Region.

Type: Array of ListStorageLensGroupEntry data types

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