ObjectLambdaConfiguration - Amazon Simple Storage Service


A configuration used when creating an Object Lambda Access Point.



Standard access point associated with the Object Lambda Access Point.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 2048.

Pattern: arn:[^:]+:s3:[^:]*:\d{12}:accesspoint/.*

Required: Yes


A container for transformation configurations for an Object Lambda Access Point.

Type: Array of ObjectLambdaTransformationConfiguration data types

Required: Yes


A container for allowed features. Valid inputs are GetObject-Range, GetObject-PartNumber, HeadObject-Range, and HeadObject-PartNumber.

Type: Array of strings

Valid Values: GetObject-Range | GetObject-PartNumber | HeadObject-Range | HeadObject-PartNumber

Required: No


A container for whether the CloudWatch metrics configuration is enabled.

Type: Boolean

Required: No

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