ReplicaModifications - Amazon Simple Storage Service


A filter that you can use to specify whether replica modification sync is enabled. S3 on Outposts replica modification sync can help you keep object metadata synchronized between replicas and source objects. By default, S3 on Outposts replicates metadata from the source objects to the replicas only. When replica modification sync is enabled, S3 on Outposts replicates metadata changes made to the replica copies back to the source object, making the replication bidirectional.

To replicate object metadata modifications on replicas, you can specify this element and set the Status of this element to Enabled.


You must enable replica modification sync on the source and destination buckets to replicate replica metadata changes between the source and the replicas.



Specifies whether S3 on Outposts replicates modifications to object metadata on replicas.

Type: String

Valid Values: Enabled | Disabled

Required: Yes

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