Amazon Simple Storage Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

List Multipart Uploads to an S3 Bucket Using the AWS SDK for .NET (Low-level)

To list all of the in-progress multipart uploads on a specific bucket, use the AWS SDK for .NET low-level multipart upload API's ListMultipartUploadsRequest class. The AmazonS3Client.ListMultipartUploads method returns an instance of the ListMultipartUploadsResponse class that provides information about the in-progress multipart uploads.

An in-progress multipart upload is a multipart upload that has been initiated using the initiate multipart upload request, but has not yet been completed or aborted. For more information about Amazon S3 multipart uploads, see Multipart Upload Overview.

The following C# example shows how to use the AWS SDK for .NET to list all in-progress multipart uploads on a bucket. For information about the example's compatibility with a specific version of the AWS SDK for .NET and instructions on how to create and test a working sample, see Running the Amazon S3 .NET Code Examples.

ListMultipartUploadsRequest request = new ListMultipartUploadsRequest { BucketName = bucketName // Bucket receiving the uploads. }; ListMultipartUploadsResponse response = await AmazonS3Client.ListMultipartUploadsAsync(request);

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