Amazon Simple Storage Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

Operations on Objects

Amazon S3 enables you to store, retrieve, and delete objects. You can retrieve an entire object or a portion of an object. If you have enabled versioning on your bucket, you can retrieve a specific version of the object. You can also retrieve a subresource associated with your object and update it where applicable. You can make a copy of your existing object. Depending on the object size, the following upload and copy related considerations apply:

  • Uploading objects—You can upload objects of up to 5 GB in size in a single operation. For objects greater than 5 GB you must use the multipart upload API.

    Using the multipart upload API you can upload objects up to 5 TB each. For more information, see Uploading Objects Using Multipart Upload API.

  • Copying objects—The copy operation creates a copy of an object that is already stored in Amazon S3.

    You can create a copy of your object up to 5 GB in size in a single atomic operation. However, for copying an object greater than 5 GB, you must use the multipart upload API. For more information, see Copying Objects.

You can use the REST API (see Making Requests Using the REST API) to work with objects or use one of the following AWS SDK libraries:

These libraries provide a high-level abstraction that makes working with objects easy. However, if your application requires, you can use the REST API directly.