Amazon Simple Storage Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

AWS CLI Examples for Amazon S3 Batch Operations

The following example creates an Amazon S3 batch operations S3PutObjectTagging job using the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

  1. Create an IAM role and assign permissions. This role grants Amazon S3 permission to add object tags, for which you create a job in the next step.

    1. Create an IAM role as follows:

      aws iam create-role \ --role-name S3BatchJobRole \ --assume-role-policy-document '{ "Version":"2012-10-17", "Statement":[ { "Effect":"Allow", "Principal":{ "Service":"" }, "Action":"sts:AssumeRole" } ] }'

      Record the role's Amazon Resource Name (ARN). You need the ARN when you create a job.

    2. Create an IAM policy with permissions and attach it to the IAM role that you created in the previous step. For more information about permissions, see Granting Permissions for Amazon S3 Batch OperationsRequired Permissions for Creating an Amazon S3 Batch Operations Job.

      aws iam put-role-policy \ --role-name S3BatchJobRole \ --policy-name PutObjectTaggingBatchJobPolicy \ --policy-document '{ "Version":"2012-10-17", "Statement":[ { "Effect":"Allow", "Action":[ "s3:PutObjectTagging", "s3:PutObjectVersionTagging" ], "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::{{TargetResource}}/*" }, { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "s3:GetObject", "s3:GetObjectVersion", "s3:GetBucketLocation" ], "Resource": [ "arn:aws:s3:::{{ManifestBucket}}/*" ] }, { "Effect":"Allow", "Action":[ "s3:PutObject", "s3:GetBucketLocation" ], "Resource":[ "arn:aws:s3:::{{ReportBucket}}/*" ] } ] }'
  2. Create an S3PutObjectTagging job. The manifest.csv file provides a list of bucket and object key values. The job applies the specified tags to objects identified in the manifest. The ETag is the ETag of the manifest.csv object, which you can get from the Amazon S3 console. The request specifies the no-confirmation-required parameter. Therefore, Amazon S3 makes the job eligible for execution without you having to confirm it using the udpate-job-status command.

    aws s3control create-job \ --region us-west-2 \ --account-id acct-id \ --operation '{"S3PutObjectTagging": { "TagSet": [{"Key":"keyOne", "Value":"ValueOne"}] }}' \ --manifest '{"Spec":{"Format":"S3BatchOperations_CSV_20180820","Fields":["Bucket","Key"]},"Location":{"ObjectArn":"arn:aws:s3:::my_manifests/manifest.csv","ETag":"60e460c9d1046e73f7dde5043ac3ae85"}}' \ --report '{"Bucket":"arn:aws:s3:::bucket-where-completion-report-goes","Prefix":"final-reports", "Format":"Report_CSV_20180820","Enabled":true,"ReportScope":"AllTasks"}' \ --priority 42 \ --role-arn IAM-role \ --client-request-token $(uuidgen) \ --description "job Description" \ --no-confirmation-required

    In response, Amazon S3 returns a job ID (for example, 00e123a4-c0d8-41f4-a0eb-b46f9ba5b07c). You need the ID in the next commands.

  3. Get the job description.

    aws s3control describe-job \ --region us-west-2 \ --account-id acct-id \ --job-id 00e123a4-c0d8-41f4-a0eb-b46f9ba5b07c
  4. Get a list of Active and Complete jobs.

    aws s3control list-jobs \ --region us-west-2 \ --account-id acct-id \ --job-statuses '["Active","Complete"]' \ --max-results 20
  5. Update the job priority (a higher number indicates a higher execution priority).

    aws s3control update-job-priority \ --region us-west-2 \ --account-id acct-id \ --priority 98 \ --job-id 00e123a4-c0d8-41f4-a0eb-b46f9ba5b07c
  6. If you didn't specify the --no-confirmation-required parameter in the create-job, the job remains in a suspended state until you confirm the job by setting its status to Ready. Amazon S3 then makes the job eligible for execution.

    aws s3control update-job-status \ --region us-west-2 \ --account-id 181572960644 \ --job-id 00e123a4-c0d8-41f4-a0eb-b46f9ba5b07c \ --requested-job-status 'Ready'
  7. Cancel the job by setting the job status to Cancelled.

    aws s3control update-job-status \ --region us-west-2 \ --account-id 181572960644 \ --job-id 00e123a4-c0d8-41f4-a0eb-b46f9ba5b07c \ --status-update-reason "No longer needed" \ --requested-job-status Cancelled