Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Making Folders Public

You can make a folder public, which means that all of the objects that appear within a public folder in the Amazon S3 console are available for viewing or downloading to anyone on the internet. However, as described in How do I use folders in an S3 Bucket?, the S3 console supports a folder concept as a way to group objects. If you use a web browser to view a folder that you made public, you will get an access denied error because the folder is just a naming prefix for an object or group of objects.


Use caution when making a folder public because anyone in the world with access to the internet can view or download the objects in your public folder. Also, it is easy to make a folder public, but you cannot make a folder private after you make it public. To make the objects in a public folder private, you must set permissions on each individual object so that the object has no public access. For more information about how to set an object's permissions, see How Do I Set Permissions on an Object?.

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