Setting up your Outpost - Amazon Simple Storage Service

Setting up your Outpost

To get started with Amazon S3 on Outposts, you will need an Outpost with Amazon S3 capacity deployed at your facility. For information about options for ordering an Outpost and S3 capacity, see AWS Outposts. To check if your Outposts has S3 capacity on it, you can use the ListOutpostsWithS3 API call. For specifications and to see how S3 on Outposts is different than Amazon S3, see How is Amazon S3 on Outposts different from Amazon S3?

For more information, see the following topics.

Order a new Outpost

If you need to order a new Outpost with S3 capacity, see AWS Outposts rack pricing to understand the capacity options for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), and Amazon S3.

After you select your configuration, follow the steps in Create an Outpost and order Outpost capacity in the AWS Outposts User Guide.