Directory bucket naming rules - Amazon Simple Storage Service

Directory bucket naming rules

When you create a directory bucket in Amazon S3, the following bucket naming rules apply. For general purpose bucket naming rules, see Bucket naming rules.

A directory bucket name consists of a base name that you provide, and a suffix that contains the ID of the AWS Availability Zone that your bucket is located in and --x-s3.


For example, the following directory bucket name contains the Availability Zone ID usw2-az1:


Directory bucket names must:

  • Be unique within the chosen AWS Region and Availability Zone.

  • Be no more than 3–63 characters long, including the suffix.

  • Consists only of lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens (-).

  • Begin and end with a letter or number.

  • Must include the following suffix: --azid--x-s3.

    A suffix is automatically added to the base name that you provide. This suffix includes the Availability Zone ID of the Availability Zone that you chose.