Use UploadPart with an AWS SDK or CLI - Amazon Simple Storage Service

Use UploadPart with an AWS SDK or CLI

The following code examples show how to use UploadPart.

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The following command uploads the first part in a multipart upload initiated with the create-multipart-upload command:

aws s3api upload-part --bucket my-bucket --key 'multipart/01' --part-number 1 --body part01 --upload-id "dfRtDYU0WWCCcH43C3WFbkRONycyCpTJJvxu2i5GYkZljF.Yxwh6XG7WfS2vC4to6HiV6Yjlx.cph0gtNBtJ8P3URCSbB7rjxI5iEwVDmgaXZOGgkk5nVTW16HOQ5l0R"

The body option takes the name or path of a local file for upload (do not use the file:// prefix). The minimum part size is 5 MB. Upload ID is returned by create-multipart-upload and can also be retrieved with list-multipart-uploads. Bucket and key are specified when you create the multipart upload.


{ "ETag": "\"e868e0f4719e394144ef36531ee6824c\"" }

Save the ETag value of each part for later. They are required to complete the multipart upload.

  • For API details, see UploadPart in AWS CLI Command Reference.

SDK for Rust

There's more on GitHub. Find the complete example and learn how to set up and run in the AWS Code Examples Repository.

let upload_part_res = client .upload_part() .key(&key) .bucket(&bucket_name) .upload_id(upload_id) .body(stream) .part_number(part_number) .send() .await?; upload_parts.push( CompletedPart::builder() .e_tag(upload_part_res.e_tag.unwrap_or_default()) .part_number(part_number) .build(), ); let completed_multipart_upload: CompletedMultipartUpload = CompletedMultipartUpload::builder() .set_parts(Some(upload_parts)) .build();
  • For API details, see UploadPart in AWS SDK for Rust API reference.

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