Amazon SimpleDB
Developer Guide (API Version 2009-04-15)

API Summary

The Amazon SimpleDB service consists of a small group of API calls that provide the core functionality you need to build your application. See Operations in the API Reference chapter for detailed descriptions of each option.

  • CreateDomain—Create domains to contain your data; you can create up to 250 domains. If you require additional domains, go to

  • DeleteDomain—Delete any of your domains

  • ListDomains—List all domains within your account

  • PutAttributes—Add, modify, or remove data within your Amazon SimpleDB domains

  • BatchPutAttributes—Generate multiple put operations in a single call

  • DeleteAttributes—Remove items, attributes, or attribute values from your domain

  • BatchDeleteAttributes—Generate multiple delete operations in a single call

  • GetAttributes—Retrieve the attributes and values of any item ID that you specify

  • Select—Query the specified domain using a SQL SELECT expression

  • DomainMetadata—View information about the domain, such as the creation date, number of items and attributes, and the size of attribute names and values