ListDomains - Amazon SimpleDB



The ListDomains operation lists all domains associated with the Access Key ID. It returns domain names up to the limit set by MaxNumberOfDomains. A NextToken is returned if there are more than MaxNumberOfDomains domains. Calling ListDomains successive times with the NextToken returns up to MaxNumberOfDomains more domain names each time.

Request Parameters

Name Description Required

The maximum number of domain names you want returned.

Type: String

The range is 1 to 100.

The default setting is 100.

NextToken String that tells Amazon SimpleDB where to start the next list of domain names. No

Response Elements

Name Description
DomainName Domain names that match the expression.
NextToken An opaque token indicating that there are more than MaxNumberOfDomains domains still available.

Special Errors

Error Description
InvalidParameterValue Value (" + value + ") for parameter MaxNumberOfDomains is invalid. MaxNumberOfDomains must be between 1 and 100.
InvalidNextToken The specified next token is not valid.


Sample Request ?Action=ListDomains &AWSAccessKeyId=[valid access key id] &MaxNumberOfDomains=2 &NextToken=[valid next token] &SignatureVersion=2 &SignatureMethod=HmacSHA256 &Timestamp=2010-01-25T15%3A02%3A19-07%3A00 &Version=2009-04-15 &Signature=[valid signature]

Sample Response

<ListDomainsResponse> <ListDomainsResult> <DomainName>Domain1-200706011651</DomainName> <DomainName>Domain2-200706011652</DomainName> <NextToken>TWV0ZXJpbmdUZXN0RG9tYWluMS0yMDA3MDYwMTE2NTY=</NextToken> </ListDomainsResult> <ResponseMetadata> <RequestId>eb13162f-1b95-4511-8b12-489b86acfd28</RequestId> <BoxUsage>0.0000219907</BoxUsage> </ResponseMetadata> </ListDomainsResponse>