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Simple Queries

This section shows simple queries and their results.


To view the source data for the queries, see Sample Query Data Set.

The following table shows some simple queries, how they are interpreted, and the results they return from the sample dataset.

Select Expression Description Result
select * from mydomain where Title = 'The Right Stuff' Retrieves all items where the attribute "Title" equals "The Right Stuff". 1579124585
select * from mydomain where Year > '1985'

Retrieves all items where "Year" is greater than "1985".

Although this looks like a numerical comparison, it is lexicographical. Because the calendar won't change to five digits for nearly 8,000 years, "Year" is not zero padded.

B000T9886K, B00005JPLW, B000SF3NGK
select * from mydomain where Rating like '****%'

Retrieves all items that have at least a 4 star (****) rating.

The prefix comparison is case-sensitive and exact and does not match attributes that only have the "4 star" value, such as item B000T9886K.

0385333498, 1579124585, 0802131786, B000SF3NGK
select * from mydomain where Pages < '00320'

Retrieves all items that have less than 320 pages.

This attribute is zero padded in the data set and the select expression, which allows for proper lexicographical comparison between the strings. Items without this attribute are not considered.

1579124585, 0802131786,