Using Select to Create Amazon SimpleDB Queries - Amazon SimpleDB

Using Select to Create Amazon SimpleDB Queries

This section describes Select, a function that takes query expressions similar to the standard SQL SELECT statement.

Use the following format for the Select function.

select output_list from domain_name [where expression] [sort_instructions] [limit limit]

The output_list can be any of the following:

  • * (all attributes)

  • itemName() (the item name only)

  • count(*)

  • An explicit list of attributes (attribute1,..., attributeN)

Name Description

The domain to search.


The match expression. This rest of this section provides examples of how to form select expressions.


Sorts the results on a single attribute, in ascending or descending order. For information on sorting results, see Sort.


The limit is the maximum number of results per page to return (default: 100, max. 2500).


The total size of the response cannot exceed 1 MB. Amazon SimpleDB automatically adjusts the number of items returned per page to enforce this limit. For example, even if you ask to retrieve 2500 items, but each individual item is 10 KB in size, the system returns 100 items and an appropriate next token so you can get the next page of results.

The expression can be any of the following:

  • <select expression> intersection <select expression>

  • NOT <select expression>

  • (<select expression>)

  • <select expression> or <select expression>

  • <select expression> and <select expression>

  • <simple comparison>


For information on how to use quotes with Amazon SimpleDB, see Select Quoting Rules.