Putting Data into a Domain - Amazon SimpleDB

Putting Data into a Domain

The following is an example of putting data into a domain using REST.


When you put attributes, notice that the Replace parameter is optional, and set to false by default. If you do not explicitly set Replace to true, a new attribute name-value pair is created each time; even if the Name value already exists in your Amazon SimpleDB domain.

https://sdb.amazonaws.com/ ?Action=PutAttributes &DomainName=MyDomain &ItemName=JumboFez &Attribute.1.Name=Color &Attribute.1.Value=Blue &Attribute.2.Name=Size &Attribute.2.Value=Med &Attribute.3.Name=Price &Attribute.3.Value=0014.99 &Attribute.3.Replace=true &AWSAccessKeyId=[valid access key id] &SignatureVersion=2 &SignatureMethod=HmacSHA256 &Timestamp=2010-01-25T15%3A03%3A05-07%3A00 &Version=2009-04-15 &Signature=[valid signature]

Amazon SimpleDB returns output similar to the following.

<PutAttributesResponse> <ResponseMetadata> <RequestId>490206ce-8292-456c-a00f-61b335eb202b</RequestId> <BoxUsage>0.0000219907</BoxUsage> </ResponseMetadata> </PutAttributesResponse>

For information on performing multiple put operations at once, see BatchPutAttributes.