IAM console search - AWS Identity and Access Management

IAM console search

As you navigate through the IAM Management Console to manage various IAM resources, you often need to locate access keys. Or you might need to browse to the deeply nested IAM resources to find what you need. Use the IAM console search page as a faster option for searching. You can locate access keys related to your account, IAM entities (such as users, groups, roles, identity providers), policies by name, and more.

The IAM console search feature can locate any of the following:

  • IAM entity names that match your search keywords (for users, groups, roles, identity providers, and policies)

  • Tasks that match your search keywords

The IAM console search feature does not return information about IAM Access Analyzer.

Every line in the search result is an active link. For example, you can choose the user name in the search result, which takes you to that user's detail page. Or you can choose an action link, for example Create user, to go to the Create User page.


Access key search requires you to type the full access key ID in the search box. The search result shows the user associated with that key. From there you can navigate directly to that user's page, where you can manage the access key.

Use the Search page in the IAM console to find items related to that account.

To search for items in the IAM console

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/iam/.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Search.

  3. In the Search box, type your search keywords.

  4. Choose a link in the search results list to navigate to the corresponding part of the console.

Icons in the IAM console search results

The following icons identify the types of items that are found by a search:

Icon Description

IAM users

IAM groups

IAM roles

IAM policies

Tasks such as "create user" or "attach policy"

Results from the keyword delete

Sample search phrases

You can use the following phrases in the IAM search. Replace terms in italics with the names of actual IAM users, groups, roles, access keys, policies, or identity providers respectively that you want to locate.

  • user_name or group_name or role_name or policy_name or identity_provider_name

  • access_key

  • add user user_name to groups or add users to group group_name

  • remove user user_name from groups

  • delete user_name or delete group_name or delete role_name, or delete policy_name, or delete identity_provider_name

  • manage access keys user_name

  • manage signing certificates user_name

  • users

  • manage MFA for user_name

  • manage password for user_name

  • create role

  • password policy

  • edit trust policy for role role_name

  • show policy document for role role_name

  • attach policy to role_name

  • create managed policy

  • create user

  • create group

  • attach policy to group_name

  • attach entities to policy_name

  • detach entities to policy_name