Creating a Project - Amazon Monitron

Creating a Project

Although an AWS account can have multiple Amazon Monitron projects, typically you have just one per account. The project name must be unique in your AWS account and AWS Region.

To create a project

  1. Open the Amazon Monitron console at

  2. Choose Create Project.

  3. Under Project Details, for Project name, enter a name that:

    • Is unique in the current account

    • Consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and spaces

    • Is between 1 and 60 characters

  4. By default, Amazon Monitron uses an AWS owned key to encrypt your project through the AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). If you want to use a different KMS key, choose Custom encryption settings (advanced) under Data encryption and do one of the following:

    • If you already have a KMS key that you want to use, under Choose an AWS KMS key, choose the key or enter the key's Amazon Resource Name (ARN).

    • If you want to create a key, choose Create an AWS KMS key. This takes you to the AWS KMS console so you can set up a custom key.

    For more information about encrypting a project, see KMS and Data Encryption in Amazon Monitron.

  5. (Optional) To add a tag to the project, enter a key-value pair under Tags and then choose Add tag. To remove this tag before creating the project, choose Remove tag.

    For more information, see Using Tags With Your Amazon Monitron Project.

  6. Choose Next to create the project.

Now you are ready to add users to the project. See User Directory Setup.