Understanding the Wi-Fi gateway - Amazon Monitron

Understanding the Wi-Fi gateway

The Amazon Monitron gateway is easy to install and operate. After plugging in the power cable, you can put the gateway in commissioning mode by pressing the commissioning button.

Reading the LED Lights on a Gateway

The LED lights on the top of your Amazon Monitron gateway indicate the status of the gateway. Each LED light has one orange light and one blue light. The orange light indicates that the gateway is connected to Wi-Fi. The blue light indicates that the gateway's Bluetooth is connected to the sensors.

The sequence that the lights display indicates the status of the gateway, as described in the following table.

LED sequence Description
Solid orange light The gateway is connected to Wi-Fi.
Flashing orange light The gateway is attempting to connect to Wi-Fi.
Solid blue light At least one sensor is communicating with the gateway.
No blue light No sensors are currently communicating with the gateway.
Both lights flashing (slowly) The gateway is powered on and unconfigured (not commissioned). Also, it is not in commissioning mode. (That is, it is not discoverable or configurable by the mobile app.)
Both lights flashing (rapidly) The gateway is on and in commissioning mode. Therefore, it is discoverable and configurable. However, it is not yet linked to any sensors.
No lights The gateway is not connected to a power source.
Solid orange and blue lights The gateway is starting up.