Troubleshooting - Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS


This chapter covers troubleshooting some of the requirements necessary to create a cluster including account permissions, ROSA service enablement, and service quotas.

Troubleshooting permissions

With Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), you can receive both Red Hat and AWS support directly through AWS. Several requirements must be met to receive support from Red Hat site reliability engineers (SRE). For information about these requirements, see the Red Hat OpenShift Minimum required service control policy page.

Run the following command to verify your AWS account has the correct permissions.

rosa verify permissions

If you receive any errors, double check if it's because a service control policy (SCP) isn't applied to your AWS account. If you're required to use an SCP, see the Red Hat Requirements for Customer Cloud Subscriptions policies page for more information about the minimum required SCP.

Troubleshooting ROSA enablement

ROSA uses AWS Marketplace to facilitate subscription management, billing, and metering. When you enable this service, the Red Hat console subscribes to AWS Marketplace. To enable this service, your IAM principal requires aws-marketplace subscription permissions. AWS provides a managed IAM policy that includes the minimum permissions necessary to enable ROSA in the AWS Management Console and to manage the ROSA AWS Marketplace subscription. For more information, see AWS managed policy: ROSAManageSubscription.