Amazon Route 53
API Reference

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The information for each resource record set that you want to change.



The action to perform:

  • CREATE: Creates a resource record set that has the specified values.

  • DELETE: Deletes a existing resource record set.


    To delete the resource record set that is associated with a traffic policy instance, use DeleteTrafficPolicyInstance. Amazon Route 53 will delete the resource record set automatically. If you delete the resource record set by using ChangeResourceRecordSets, Route 53 doesn't automatically delete the traffic policy instance, and you'll continue to be charged for it even though it's no longer in use.

  • UPSERT: If a resource record set doesn't already exist, Route 53 creates it. If a resource record set does exist, Route 53 updates it with the values in the request.

Type: String


Required: Yes


Information about the resource record set to create, delete, or update.

Type: ResourceRecordSet object

Required: Yes

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