Amazon Route 53
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-04-01)

Related Information

The following related resources can help you as you work with this service.

AWS Resources

Several helpful guides, forums, and other resources are available from Amazon Web Services.

  • Amazon Route 53 API Reference – A reference guide that includes the schema location; complete descriptions of the API actions, parameters, and data types; and a list of errors that the service returns.

  • AWS::Route53::RecordSet Type in the AWS CloudFormation User Guide – A property for using Amazon Route 53 with AWS CloudFormation to create customized DNS names for your AWS CloudFormation stacks.

  • Discussion Forums – A community-based forum for developers to discuss technical questions related to Route 53.

  • AWS Support Center – This site brings together information about your recent support cases and results from AWS Trusted Advisor and health checks, as well as providing links to discussion forums, technical FAQs, the service health dashboard, and information about AWS support plans.

  • AWS Premium Support Information – The primary web page for information about AWS Premium Support, a one-on-one, fast-response support channel to help you build and run applications on AWS Infrastructure Services.

  • Contact Us – Links for inquiring about your billing or account. For technical questions, use the discussion forums or support links above.

  • Route 53 product information – The primary web page for information about Route 53, including features, pricing, and more.

  • Classes & Workshops – Links to role-based and specialty courses as well as self-paced labs to help sharpen your AWS skills and gain practical experience.

  • AWS Developer Tools – Links to developer tools, SDKs, IDE toolkits, and command line tools for developing and managing AWS applications.

  • AWS Whitepapers – Links to a comprehensive list of technical AWS whitepapers, covering topics such as architecture, security, and economics and authored by AWS Solutions Architects or other technical experts.

  • AWS Support Center – The hub for creating and managing your AWS Support cases. Also includes links to other helpful resources, such as forums, technical FAQs, service health status, and AWS Trusted Advisor.

  • AWS Support – The primary web page for information about AWS Support, a one-on-one, fast-response support channel to help you build and run applications in the cloud.

  • Contact Us – A central contact point for inquiries concerning AWS billing, account, events, abuse, and other issues.

  • AWS Site Terms – Detailed information about our copyright and trademark; your account, license, and site access; and other topics.

Third-Party Tools and Libraries

In addition to AWS resources, you can find a variety of third-party tools and libraries that work with Amazon Route 53.

  • AmazonRoute53AppsScript (via webos-goodies)

    Google spreadsheet management of Amazon Route 53.

  • AWS Component for .NET (via SprightlySoft)

    SprightlySoft .NET Component for Amazon Web Services with support for REST operations and Route 53.

  • Boto API download (via github)

    Boto Python interface to Amazon Web Services.

  • cli53 (via github)

    Command line interface for Route 53.

  • Dasein Cloud API

    Java-based API.

  • (via github)

    Maintains a canonical version of your DNS configurations under source control, and calculates the minimum set of changes that are required to change a configuration.

  • RIAForge

    ColdFusion based components for managing DNS using Route 53.

  • RightScripts (via RightScale)

    Scripts to configure or update your RightScale server for use with Route 53.

  • RightScale Support Tutorials

    RightScale tutorial for domain setup with Route 53.

  • route53d

    DNS front-end to Route 53 API (enables incremental zone transfer (IXFR)).

  • Route53Manager (via github)

    Web-based interface.

  • Ruby Fog (via github)

    The Ruby cloud services library.

  • Valet (via github)

    Java API, including a one-way-sync utility for Windows DNS server files.

  • WebService::Amazon::Route53 (via CPAN)

    Perl interface to Amazon Route 53 API.

Graphical User Interfaces

The following third-party tools provide graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for working with Amazon Route 53: