Monitoring hosted zones using Amazon CloudWatch - Amazon Route 53

Monitoring hosted zones using Amazon CloudWatch

You can monitor your public hosted zones by using Amazon CloudWatch to collect and process raw data into readable, near real-time metrics. Metrics are available shortly after Route 53 receives the DNS queries that the metrics are based on. CloudWatch metric data for Route 53 hosted zones has a granularity of one minute.

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CloudWatch metric for Route 53 public hosted zones

The AWS/Route53 namespace includes the following metric for Route 53 hosted zones:


For all the records in a hosted zone, the number of DNS queries that Route 53 responds to in a specified time period.

Valid statistics: Sum, SampleCount

Units: Count

Region: Route 53 is a global service. To get hosted zone metrics, you must specify US East (N. Virginia) for the Region.

CloudWatch dimension for Route 53 public hosted zone metrics

Route 53 metrics for hosted zones use the AWS/Route53 namespace and provide metrics for HostedZoneId. To get the number of DNS queries, you must specify the ID of the hosted zone in the HostedZoneId dimension.