Rule settings in DNS Firewall - Amazon Route 53

Rule settings in DNS Firewall

When you create or edit a rule in a DNS Firewall rule group, you specify the following values:


A unique identifier for the rule in the rule group.

(Optional) Description

A short description that provides more information about the rule.

Domain list

The list of domains that the rule inspects for. You can create and manage your own domain list or you can subscribe to a domain list that AWS manages for you. For more information, see Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall domain lists.


How you want DNS Firewall to handle a DNS query whose domain name matches the specifications in the rule's domain list. For more information, see Rule actions in DNS Firewall.


Unique positive integer setting for the rule within the rule group that determines processing order. DNS Firewall inspects DNS queries against the rules in a rule group starting with the lowest numeric priority setting and going up. You can change a rule's priority at any time, for example to change the order of processing or make space for other rules.