Listing records - Amazon Route 53

Listing records

The following procedure explains how to use the Amazon Route 53 console to list the records in a hosted zone. For information about how to list records using the Route 53 API, see ListResourceRecordSets in the Amazon Route 53 API Reference.

To list records
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Route 53 console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Hosted zones.

  3. On the Hosted Zones page, choose the name of a hosted zone.

  4. To change the search mode, choose the gear icon on the upper right of the Records table. Choose one of:

    • Automatic

      In this mode, the service uses a filter based on a number of records. Full for less than 2000 and fast for more than 2000 records.

    • Full

      In this mode, all the search filters are available, but the search performance might be slower.

    • Fast

      In this mode, some advanced features aren't available, but the search performance will be faster.

To display only selected records, enter the applicable search criteria above the list of records. In the automatic mode the search behavior depends on whether the hosted zone contains up to 2,000 records or more than 2,000 records:

Up to 2,000 records and full mode
  • To display the records that have specific values, enter a value in the search bar and press Enter. For example, to display the records that have an IP address beginning with 192.0, enter that value in the Search field and press Enter.

  • To display only the records that have the same DNS record type, select Record type in the dropdown list, and enter the record type.

  • To display only alias records, select Alias in the dropdown list, and enter Yes.

  • To display only weighted records, select Routing policy in the dropdown list, and enter WEIGHTED.

More than 2,000 records and fast mode
  • You can search only on record names, not on record values. You also can't filter based on the record type, or on alias or weighted records.

    To do this, put your cursor into the Filter textbox, select Properties and then Record name.

  • For records that have three labels (three parts separated by dots), when you enter a value in the search field and press Enter, the Route 53 console automatically performs a wildcard search on the third label from the right in the record name. For example, suppose the hosted zone contains 100 records named through (Record1 is the third label from the right.) Here's what happens when you search on the following values:

    • record1 – The Route 53 console searches for record1*, which returns, through, and

    • – As in the preceding example, the console searches for record1* and returns the same records.

    • 1 – The console searches for 1* and returns no records.

    • example – The console searches for example* and returns no records.

    • – In this example, the console doesn't perform a wildcard search. It returns all the records in the hosted zone.

    • Automatic search mode – When using this search mode, you must first provide a property, such as record name, to be able to search.


    If the third label from the right contains one or more hyphens (such as, and if you search for the part of the third label immediately before the hyphen (third in this example), Route 53 won't return any records. Instead, either include the hyphen (search for third-) or omit the character immediately before the hyphen (search for third).

  • For records that have four or more labels, you must specify the exact name of the record. No wildcard searches are supported. For example, if the hosted zone includes a record named, you can find that record only if you specify in the search field.