AWS Schema Conversion Tool
User Guide (Version 1.0)

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Creating Migration Reports with the Workload Qualification Framework

AWS Workload Qualification Framework (AWS WQF) is a standalone app that is included with AWS SCT. You can use WQF to analyze your migration to the AWS Cloud. It assesses and rates the workload for the entire migration, including database and app modifications. WQF can recommend strategies and tools that you can use for your migration, and give you feedback that you can use to make changes. It can also identify actions that you need to take on a database to complete a migration to Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora.

You can use WQF for the following migration scenarios:

  • Oracle to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL or Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility

  • Oracle to Amazon RDS for MySQL or Aurora with MySQL compatibility

  • Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon RDS PostgreSQL or Aurora PostgreSQL

You can use WQF during the planning phase of your migration process to determine what you need to do to migrate your data and apps. SCT accesses your schema conversion; in contrast, WQF reports on the following:

  • Workload assessment based on complexity, size, and technology used

  • Recommendations on migration strategies

  • Recommendations on migration tools

  • Feedback on what exactly to do

  • Assessment of the effort required based on the number of people on the migration project