AWS Schema Conversion Tool
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Editing and Saving Your Converted SQL Code with the AWS Schema Conversion Tool

The assessment report includes a list of SQL code items that can't be converted automatically. For each item that can't be converted, there is an action item on the SQL Conversion Actions tab. For these items, you can edit the SQL code manually to perform the conversion.

Use the following procedure to edit your converted SQL code, apply the changes, and then save them.

To edit, apply changes to, and save your converted SQL code

  1. Edit your converted SQL code directly in the Target SQL script pane. If there is no converted code shown, you can click in the pane and start typing.

  2. After you are finished editing your converted SQL code, choose Apply. At this point, the changes are saved in memory, but not yet written to your file.

  3. Choose Save to save your changes to your file.


    When you choose Save you overwrite your original file. Make a copy of your original file before saving so you have a record of your original application code.