AWS Schema Conversion Tool
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Converting Data Warehouse Schemas to Amazon Redshift by Using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool

The AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) automates much of the process of converting your data warehouse schema to a Amazon Redshift database schema. The source and target database engines contain many different features and capabilities, and AWS SCT attempts to create an equivalent schema in your target database wherever possible. If no direct conversion is possible, AWS SCT provides a list of possible actions for you to take.

This section covers the following topics.

AWS SCT supports the following data warehouse conversions.

Source Database Target Database on Amazon Redshift

Greenplum Database (version 4.3 and later)

Amazon Redshift

Microsoft SQL Server (version 2008 and later)

Amazon Redshift

Netezza (version 7.0.3 and later)

Amazon Redshift

Oracle (version 10 and later)

Amazon Redshift

Teradata (version 13 and later)

Amazon Redshift

Vertica (version 7.2.2 and later)

Amazon Redshift

If you want to convert an online transaction processing (OLTP) database schema, see Converting Database Schemas Using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool.

Almost all work you do with AWS SCT starts with the following three steps:

  1. Create an AWS SCT project.

  2. Connect to your source database.

  3. Connect to your target database.

If you have not created an AWS SCT project yet, see Getting Started with the AWS Schema Conversion Tool.

To convert your data warehouse schema to Amazon RDS, you take the following high-level steps: