AWS Schema Conversion Tool
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Conversion Issues with INSERT

Issue 7819: PostgreSQL doesn't support INSERT...EXECUTE statements

Perform a manual conversion. PostgreSQL doesn't support using EXECUTE within an INSERT statement to insert the results of a stored procedure into a table.

Issue 7799: PostgreSQL doesn't support TOP option in the operator INSERT

Perform a manual conversion for any INSERT statements that contain a TOP argument, as in the example following.

insert TOP(2) percent into Customer( id ,sname ,name ,typeid ,taxcode ,stateid ,opendate ,closedate )select id+1000 ,name ,name ,4 ,61+id ,1 ,getdate() ,null from employees e where name not in(select name from Customer) and exists(select 1 from Employees where ManagerId =

In PostgreSQL, you can use the row_number() window function in the FROM clause or a subquery in the WHERE clause of the SELECT statement you use to select the data to be inserted to identify the rows you want to insert.