AWS Schema Conversion Tool
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Conversion Issues with Operators and Date Functions

Issue 6660: Unable to convert the %s operation with the interval value as one or more arguments

Some operations with arguments that use an interval data type can't be converted, for example SELECT INTERVAL '1-1' YEAR TO MONTH * 2;. Perform a manual conversion in this case.

Issue 6661: The operation will return the number of days instead of the interval value

After conversion, some calculations that use date or time data types return the number of days rather than an interval value as they did previously, for example SELECT TIMESTAMP '2012-01-01 09:30:15.01' - DATE '2010-01-01';. Check to see if the new return type meets your requirements, and revise the code if necessary.

Issue 6662: Unsupported format for the interval's value

Currently, the only supported format for a literal value assigned to an interval data type is SQL ANSI. Perform a manual conversion in the case of an unsupported format.

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