AWS Schema Conversion Tool
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Conversion Issues with Table Columns

Issue 6006: MySQL doesn't support %s type

Check the target data type and correct it if necessary.

Issue 6008: MySQL doesn't support array types for table column definition

MySQL doesn't support using an array data type for either a table column or a function variable, so this code isn't automatically converted from PostgreSQL. Perform a manual conversion instead.

Issue 6011: MySQL doesn't support CIRCLE as a spatial type; the approximated results of BUFFER function of POLYGON data type is used to perform a conversion

Check the converted code, and revise it if the approximated representation doesn't meet your needs.

Issue 6002: MySQL doesn't support %s with precision more than 65 digits and scale more than 30 digits; the loss of precision or accuracy of data is possible

Check to see if you are converting columns whose numeric data types violate these restrictions. If so, perform a manual migration instead.

Issue 6005: MySQL doesn't support INTERVAL type

Perform a manual conversion of any code that uses this data type.

Issue 6010: MySQL doesn't support infinite lines; a LINESTRING with two points on the line is used for conversion

Any instance of the LINE data type is converted to a LINESTRING data type. If the two-pointed representation is not suitable for your purposes, revise this code.

Issue 6009: MySQL doesn't support range types

MySQL doesn't support range data types like LONGTEXT or VARCHAR(length). Manually convert code that uses these data types instead.

Issue 6001: Unable to provide full migration for auto-increment table columns

The PostgreSQL auto-increment data types SMALLSERIAL, SERIAL and BIGSERIAL are converted to the MySQL SMALLINT, INT, and BIGINT data types, respectively. If you want to enable auto-incrementing, MySQL supports only one auto-increment column per table and it must be a key. Choose an appropriate column and manually update it to meet these requirements.

Issue 6003: MySQL doesn't support time zone information for %s type

Perform a manual conversion.

Issue 6004: MySQL doesn't support time zone information for %s type

Perform a manual conversion instead. If the time zone information isn't important, you can choose DATETIME(6) as a target data type. Otherwise, try to convert the data into TIMESTAMP(6), taking into account the value of time_zone server setting.

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