CreateMeetingRoomConfiguration - Alexa for Business


Creates meeting room settings of a room profile.



Creates settings for the end of meeting reminder feature that are applied to a room profile. The end of meeting reminder enables Alexa to remind users when a meeting is ending.

Type: CreateEndOfMeetingReminder object

Required: No


Settings to automatically book a room for a configured duration if it's free when joining a meeting with Alexa.

Type: CreateInstantBooking object

Required: No


Settings for requiring a check in when a room is reserved. Alexa can cancel a room reservation if it's not checked into to make the room available for others. Users can check in by joining the meeting with Alexa or an AVS device, or by saying “Alexa, check in.”

Type: CreateRequireCheckIn object

Required: No


Whether room utilization metrics are enabled or not.

Type: Boolean

Required: No

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