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Alexa for Business blueprints

Any member of an Alexa for Business organization can publish private business skills to your organization within minutes using Alexa for Business blueprints. After a user builds a blueprint, you can review and publish the skill to use across your company with any Alexa-enabled device. There are two blueprints designed specifically for business use. The Business Q&A blueprint is a template that users can customize with their own questions and answers related to your organization. The Onboard Guide blueprint helps new employees get up to speed in their new roles with specialized how-to questions about the team and the office. For more information about how to use Alexa for Business Blueprints, see Create Alexa Experiences for Your Organization.

To create and publish private skills using blueprints
  1. Invite your employees to create blueprint skills:

    1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

    2. From the dashboard, under Create Alexa Skills, choose send an email.

    3. Edit the email as needed and send it to your employees.

  2. A member of your organization creates and publishes a blueprint skill for your review. For more information about to do this, go to the Blueprints website, and choose Help Center, Publish to Alexa for Business.

  3. Review and enable the blueprint skill:

    1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

    2. Choose Skills, Private skills, and find the skill submitted by the user.

    3. Choose Review to review the skill, and then choose Enable to enable it. You can add the skill to skill groups to enable it in the desired rooms. Optionally, you can select the check-box to make the skill available to your organization’s enrolled users, who can then use the Alexa app to enable the skill in their account.

As an administrator, you can also create and publish skills with blueprints. Follow the previous steps in this section.